Vismayaha (2008)

Dance Ihayami production premiered at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2008, and then toured across Scotland

Dance Ihayami presents a rich and subtle experience of Indian dance. The reality of Gods, Goddesses and the contemporary world is brought on to the performing space, in an evocative, colourful, energetic and rhythmic presentation of Indian music and dance.

“A seat at a Dance Ihayami performance is a passport to a sensory experience. This company is all about fusion and there is a bold approach to the merging of culture. Audiences are infused by electric enthusiasm . . . Lightening footwork and graceful gestures emphasise a universality which speaks of celebration and pride. An evening in their company is to be recommended, and may just confer some of the benefits of a winter sojourn to Goa – without the expense.”
Jenny McBain, Highland and Island Arts