Bharatanatyam Dance Classes
Dance Ihayami offers Bharatanatyam dance classes across Scotland.  We offer Bharatanatyam dance classes in Edinburgh, Glasgow, Dundee and Falkirk for children from the age of 3 as well as adults.  Please check the class timetable for the schedule and get in touch if you would like to try a FREE taster session!  Private tuition and workshops can also be arranged by contacting  
What is Bharatanatyam dance?
Bharatanatyam is a classical dance style from the south of India and is one of the most popular and widely performed dance forms.  In Bharatanatyam, the dancer is the storyteller and the language is one of intricate footwork, hand gestures and facial expressions.  Bharatanatyam is practiced by both men and women and is often referred to as a “fire dance”.  
What can I expect to learn in the Bharatanatyam dance class?
Dance classes with Dance Ihayami are designed to help you learn great technique, how to follow rhythm and perform the dance, whether you’re an absolute beginner or have been practicing for many years.  
A typical class will start with practicing your adavus (the basic steps that are later combined to create a dance) and mudras (beautiful hand gestures that carry different meanings).  Later in the class, your instructor will move on to combine adavus and mudras in a choreography to weave a story.  You’ll learn to follow the music, tell a story through your facial expressions and hold camera worthy dramatic postures!
What should I wear to class?
Bharatanatyam is practiced with bare feet.  Please bring loose comfortable clothing so that you can move freely.  Some students chose to wear a Kurti or Saree to class but this is entirely optional.